"Unless you don't give a fuck to be free".(from "Tempo 116.7 (Reaching For Dangerous Levels Of Sobriety/ position 12 of the playlist)"a part of Ladydust's Ladydust's guest at ypogeio portal.

2/I only think of you- THE HORRORS
3/Ohio Blood Buzz- THE NATIONAL
4/Twilight kid- THE TWILIGHT SINGERS -
5/The glowing man- THE SWANS
6/Patterns- VILLENEUVE
7/Stars are out tonight - DAVID BOWIE
8/What's forsaken- THE BLACK RYDER
10/The Rat - WALKMEN
11/Seagull (live)- RIDE
12/Tempo 116.7 (Reaching for Dangerous Levels of Sobriety)- THE BRIAN JOHNSTOWN MASSACRE


around an hour of ladydust set at 'it's a village' (

on an electro/dust mood.

1/ Before I started to dance - Quixote ft Lisa li Lund
2/νεα ζωη - στερο νοβα
3/Burning desire - Taches feat Itai Kriss & Marcus World Soul
4/ Capri Sonne - Parker Lewis
5/Searching in the wilderness - Mirrors
6/Verschwinden - The vacant lots
7/Panorama - Mario οchoa
8/ Open eye signal - Jon Hopkins
9/Single country - Pavel Puh
10/Watching the waves - Nestora & Lowell
11/ Labyrint - Krater


                  Last ladydust set of the decade :)

1/ next dub in jerusalem / David solid Gould vs bill laswell
2/ before I started to dance / Quixote ft. Lisa Li Lund
3/ blues & roll / La mancha negra
4/ Turtle Soup / dj food ((Wagon Christ Mix)
5/ The order of death / Public image ltd
6/ Montserrat (Artbat Edit) / Who made who
7/ nothing burns like the cold / Snoh Aalegra
8/ equal responsibility / Climbers (betokο remix)
9/ Khruangbin / Maria También
10/ La vie en rose / Grace jones



ladydust music investment for k.alex/ki fashion show. At Technopolis. 

1/ Get Off - PRINCE
2/ Tribulations - LCD SOUNDSYSTEM
3/ Crystal visions - THE BIG PINK
4/ Fashion - DAVID BOWIE
5/ Blues - DEFUNKT
6/ Tοuch the sky - CREAM BEACH
7/ Indie rockers - MGMT
8 /In dust we trust - CHEMICAL BROTHERS


In e life congress there were speeches from psychologists & internet experts from many countries around the world. Its thematology was around the internet addiction disorders. It was held in Kazarma resort, at the lake of Plastera, under the auspices of the Hellenic Republic. Ladydust took care of the music of the aftershow event. (

1/ Watching the trains go by/ Tony Joe White
2/Magic /Cud
3/ Everywhere/ Fleetwood Mac
4/ Turtle Soup / (Wagon Christ mix)
5/ Lost / Babah
6/ Couldn't get it right / Climax Blues Band
7 /Bug Powder Dust / (Kruder & Bomb the Bass feat Justin Warfield / Dorfmeinster session)
8/ No retreat / Dilated Peoples
8/ Stop, Get a ticket / Clefs of Lavender 9ill
10/ She's Gone / Hall & Oates
11/ I walked on guilded splinters / Dr John
12/ More Bounce to the Ounce / Zapp
13/ Do it Again / The JuJu Orchestra Feat. Carolyn Leonhart & Robert Smith
14/ Long Train Running / Doobie Brothers
15/ Stop, Look & Listen / Patsy Cline
16/ Summertime / Deep Dive Corp.(G.Gershwin)


the playlist heard at fuzz club, at the live of the dream syndicate in athens, right before the opening gig of the dustbowl.

1/ kendra smith / valley of the morning sun
2/ quick silver messenger service / acapulco gold and river
3/ rainy day / i’ll keep it with mine
4/ green on red / keep on moving
5/ creedence clear water revival / have you ever seen the rain
6/ echo and the bunnymen / do it clean
7/ thin white rope / moonhead
8/ rem / what’s the frequency kenneth
9/ the bangles / walk like an egyptian
10/ game theory / i’ ve tried subletly
11/ crazy horse / i don’t want to talk about it


around a 45 hour part of Ladydust dj set at summer dunkel street concerts festival.
In soul, reggae, dub tunes.

1/ Surfing - Ernest Rangling
2/ Fensewak - Mandrill
3/ Paid in Full - Eric B. & Rakim
4/ Be thankful for what you got - William Devaughn
5/ Seeds - Georgia Anne Muldrow & Madlib
6/ Sleep Talk - The Ohio Players
7/ Five Man Army Dub - Lewin Bones Lock
8/ You are the one for me - D Train
9/ Super Stupid - Funkadelic
10/ Jim, what's wrong with him? - The Dramatics
11/ Montana - Frank Zappa
12/Old 45's - Chromeo


almost 2 hours of Ladydust's (mostly indie orientated) set at Greek alternative day at Petras theater along so many bands. 

1/ First Cool Hive - Moby
2/ Don't fear the reaper - The Ceasars
3/ Gravity - Embrace
4/ Please, please, please - The Shout out louds
5/ A design for life - Μanic Street Preachers
6/ You and I- Graham Coxon
7/ Ready or not- Manbreak
8/ Yin & Yang the Flowerpot- Love n' Rockets
9/ Hot Topic - Le Tigre
10/ She smiles - Matisse
11/ Running Mind - The liarbirds
12/ Running mind -Les Droogs
13/ Wide Open Space - Mansun
14/ Saint Joe on the school bus - Marcy Playground
15/ Freedom Fighters - The Music
16/ Contender - The Pains of being pure at heart
17/ Gone forever - The Raveonettes
18/ Broken with telephone - The Rats
19/ On the other side- The Strokes
20/ Can't get enough - Suede
21/ Off the record -My morning Jacket
22/ Simplicity, I'm on the way - Relevant Box
23/ One easy ship away -Six by seven
24/ My beautiful friend -Charlatans
25/ Out of the darkness -Republica
26/ Hey Jane - Spiritualized
27/ He's on the phone -Saint Etienne
28/ Symmetric - Frank Navaez
29/ Four to the floor - Starsailor
30/ Into the pink - Verbena
31/Spawl 2- Arcade Fire


around an hour set of Ladydust's set at Matala festival, Crete. In a total 60' spirit in its blend.

1/ This is the first of your last warnings - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
2/ Baba O riley - The Who
3/ Changes everywhere -Baby Woodrose
4/ Close that door - The Tigermen
5/ Don't fear the reaper - Blue Oyster Cult (Kerstell Remix)
6/ Sound of drums - Kula Shaker
7/ You must be a witch -The Lollipop Shope
8/ Lucifer Sam - Syd Barret
9/ Set phaser to stun - The time and space machine
10/ Heart filled with love - Long Jphn and the Silvermen
11/ Two Bugs and a Roach- Earl Hooker
12/ i'm five years ahead of my time -The third Bardo
13/ Don't you remember - The sound Magics
14/ Every night - The Human Expression
15/ Through the rhythm -13 floor elevators
16/ Story of a tramp - Tammy and the sounds
17/Face in the crowd- The Kinks
18/ When I was young -The Animals
19/ Too much to dream- Electric prunes


Ladydust, invited & interviewed by Berkeley teacher: Nassos Vynios, at his broadcast at Coni on air radio. Honouring with her playlist choice, Coni's music identity.
Colosseum, The O' Jays, Ry Cooder, Aphrodite's Child, Layne Martin Jnr, African Head Charge etc, star in its playlist.

1/ Full moon - EDEN AHBEZ
4/The love Song - K-OS
5/Truth & sorrow -THE HOLY STRANGERS
6/ Rainmaker - CRYAN SHAMES
7/Beware the ides of March - COLOSSEUM
8/Funky Dollar Bill - FUNKADELIC
9/Cosmos 81 -THE ROGERS
10/Burning down the spark - NANCY SINATRA
11/Backstabbers - THE O JAYS
12/Straight up and down - THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE
14/Let's stay together - AL GREEN
15/Night patrol -TWO WOUNDED BIRDS
16/Paris, Texas - RY COODER
17/This beat is hot - B.G THE PRINCE OF RAP
18/Aegean sea - APHRODITE'S CHILD
19/Tripping out - CURTIS MAYFIELD
20/Surabian Lament - LAYNE MARTINE JR
21/Night Living - ATOMIC ROOSTER
22/South Indian Line - JAN JANKEJE
23/Comfort -LABRADFORD
24/This world is a ball of confusion - LARRY SAUNDERS
25/This old heart of mine - THE ISLE BROTHERS
26/Take Heed and smoke up your Collyweed - AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE
27/ Space oddity - DAVID BOWIE

an hour & 15 mins of Ladydust's set on Valentine's 2018. A cosmic gate to a dimension where all love, is eternal.

SWIM BAND - Dance with you
MODEST MOUSE - Of course we know
CHEMICAL BROTHERS -The sunshine underground
REIGN - Prinzhorn Dance school
SMART ROC (Leygo Remix) -High on a plane
TEENAGE MUTANTS REMIX -Grass is greener/Start again
ULTRA ORANGE & EMANUELLE - Rosemary's baby

the changing of 2018 to 2019 with Ladydust on dexx.

The last track is the track of the midnight.
And the first one suggests what we should all do: To Go Crazy..:)

1/Let's go crazy-Prince
2/Staying alive-Happy Mondays
3/Skin up, Pin up-Mansun & 808 state
4/Born to be alive-Patrick Hernandez
5/Gaidadelic-Monsieur Minimal
6/Fool for love-Aeroplane
7/She's so high-Blur
8/Electric Lady Land-Fantastic plastic machine
10/Let the music play-Shannon
12/ Glorious-Andreas Jhonson

an hour of Ladydust's set at Suzie Q, on 19/01/19
An applied shamanic experience based on fire, chaos and rock n' roll.

1/Doesn't matter much-Blood Red Shoes
2/Isis Speaks-Melissa Auf Der Maur
3/Hands are tied-Hail Social
4/Bicycle song-Orbit
5/Colorised Bottles-Sky Saxon & the Seeds
6/Somebody got murdered-The Clash
7/She will-Savages
8/Crystal Ball-The Nomads
9/I may be gone-Oblivians
10/Sunshine of your love-Cream
11/Blood Walk-Cabaret Nocturne
12/Out of Space-Prodigy
13/Everything always goes wrong-A place to bury strangers
14/Reich-Sonic Jesus


45 mins of Ladydust's set for 360 Bazaar, Syntagma square.
A night with catwalks and glitter tunes including many exceptional dj's and producers, brands and famous designers.. An event with a good cause
behind it, at a big venue in the center of Athens.

1 18 years - Black angels
2 Love, Hate, Revenge- Episode Six
3 Dire Straits - Walk of life
4 Laughter of a madman - Autumn
5 You're not very well - The Charlatans
6 You make loving fun - Fleetwood Mac
7 Surabian Lament - Layne Martin Jr
8 I won't stop loving you- A certain ratio
9 Sycamore tree - Crystal Stilts
10 Birthday Kiss - Choking
11 Brighton Rock - Elastica
12 Freaking out-Graham Coxon
13 Bitches Brew- Inspiral Carpets


Ladydust's first music investment for the fashion shows of Daphne Valente, chairwoman of greek designers, at Zappeion. (2008).
Presented also, on Fashion TV.

Other music productions of hers in different years, here: &

1 Original - Leftfield
2 Swallen - Bent
3 From the edge of the deep green sea - The Cure
4 La femme d'argent -Air
5 First cool hive - Moby
6 Little fluffy clouds - The Orb


Ladydust, invited by G. Houlis for the second time, at music society radio.
The playlist is of her choice and the discussion floats in between different topics.

1.The Only Ones - Another Girl,Another Planet
2.Bauhaus - Severance
3.A Place to Bury Strangers - Deadbeat
4.Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle - Nobody Knows
5.Antonio Carlos Jobim - Insensatez
6. Beyond the Wizzards Sleeve - Delicious Light
7.Swans - The Seer Returns
8.Godspeed You Black Emperor - Dead Flag Blues
9.65Days of Static - Hole
10.Archive - Bastardised Ink
11.Tricky - Overcome
12.Sparklehorse - Babies On The Sun
13.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Nature Boy
14.Marianne Faithfull - The Gupsy Fairie Queen
15.David Bowie - Hello Spaceboy
16.Get Well Soon - Heading Home To The Pole
17.Phoenix Foundation - Pure Joy


1 hour of Ladydust's set at Kinono, Athens

1/Black Cream-The Harold Wheeler Consort
2/On the streets-Mikis Theodorakis
3/Chain of fools-Aretha Franklin
4/Oscar see through red eye-Boards of Canada
5/What does your soul look like-Dj Shadow
6/Awareness is what you need-Monomono
7/Vehicle-The ides of March
8/Time is tight-Booker T & the mgs
9/This is not a tango-The juju orchestra
10/Dub of the Passover-David Solid Gould vs Bill Laswell
12/Doo doo wap is strong in here-Curtis Mayfield
13/The ghetto song-Jon Lucien
14/The way they do my life-Sir joe quarterman & free soul


ladydust invited at the broadcast Destination Zero of Black Velvet radio.

(the reason for the 3 shrine tracks is that there was an upcoming interview of the band

1/Tiny boxes /Shireen
2/Choices/ Former ghosts
3/ Physical (Yios Industrial Mix)//Wonky Doll and the Echo
4/Watch that grandad go/Bauhaus
5/Τriumph/Sonic jesus
6/It dawned on me /Calla
7/Miner at the dial a view/ Grandaddy
8/Brimstone Rock/ 16 Horse power
9/Interstate Love Song/ Stone Temple Pilots
10/Alice/Sister of mercy
11/So human of you/Shireen
12/Opal Mantra/Therapy
13/We all shine a light/Cracker
14/New number 1/Bob Mould
15/Cats, Mice/Big Business
16/Changes everywhere/Baby Woodrose
17/Ιnterstellar Overdrive/Pink Floyd
18/Can't catch the train/Soulsavers
20/Αkis Panou/Invisible Surfers
21/Destroying the city of hearts/Black Heart procession
22/ Duchess (Scott Walker cover)/The Gutter Twins
23/Superfire/Girls against boys
24/Riding for the feeling/Bill Callahan
25/Τhe ideal Crash/Deus

ladydust set @bad tooth, athens
Just Punk.

1/Somebody got murdered-Clash
2/Ever fallen in love-Buzzcocks
3/Jhonny be good-Sex Pistols
4/Rot kettle back-Tilly & the Wall
5/Sheena is a punk rocker-Ramones
6/Uranium rock-The Cramps
7/Colorised Bottles-Sky Saxon & the Seeds
8/Crystal Ball-The Nomads
9/Bite it-GG Allin & the murder junkies
10/I'm weak-The new bomb turks
11/Vampire tiger-Miners of Muzo
12/Not that kind of girlfriend-Smoking Popes
13/Into the jupiter-Jhonny Trash
14/Strenght thru shopping-Jello Biafra & the guantanamo school of medicine
15/Janet vs Jane & Jhonny-The Fall

1 hour of Ladydust's first dj set at Control Club, Bucharest

1/Ok, let's talk about magic-Fuck Buttons
2/I knew my name-Psychic Ills
3/Blue Straggler-Electrelane
4/The One-The Brian Jonestown Massacre
5/Triumph-Sonic Jesus
6/Colorised Bottles-Sky Saxon & the Seeds
7/Black cat-Ladytron
8/New Ice Age-The Horrors
9/Dead End Friends-Them Crooked Vultures
10/Losing touch with my mind-Spacemen 3
11/Onwards to the wall-A place to bury strangers
12/Under the Influence-The Chemical Brothers


1/Three (Dom T's House Of Fortune Mix )-Massive Attack
2/Soul auctioneer-Death in Vegas
3/This cat is a landmine-65 days of static
5/Gone without feeling-The black ryder
6/Dirty trip-Αir
8/Plastic Elastic (Cydelix Remix)-Anasa
9/The end of the beginning-God is an astronaut
10/Flight-Wooden Shjips


opening & closing act to psychedelic ' The Soup' band from Norway

1/The blackest eyes-Porcupine Tree
2/You do you-Bear in Heaven
3/Tahitian Moon-Porno for pyros
4/The roses came-Electric Littany
5/Images of Sigrid-Poni Hoax
6/Come out, come down, fade out, be gone-121 Days
7/Everything always goes wrong -A place to bury strangers
8/Bury the evidence-Tricky
9/I put a spell on you-Creedence
10/Walking with the sun-Hearts of black science
11/Omerta-The phoenix foundation
12/Blood in numbers-Archive
13/Lost Illusions-Exploded View
14/I became a prostitute-The twilight sad
15/Search for delicious-Panda Bear
16/Formation One-Air Formation
17/Inorganic just-Steril
18/Hits Deep-Τhe Veils
19/The glowing man-Swans

around 1 hour of Ladydust' set at 'The Others', London.Along excellent people (like 6 grams of pussy), project of the trumpet player of the Dandy Warhols & the drummer of Kula Shaker...

1/Hollow Man - Kula Shaker
2/Careful with that Axe, Eugene - Pink Floyd
3/Medusa's path - Prodigy
4/Asleep from Day -The Chemical Brothers
5/True Grit- The Crystal Method
6/Scyscrapers - OK, Go
7/Shot Down - The Exploding Boy
8/Defenstration Song - Have a nice life
9/Born to Hula - Kyuss
10/Spartakiade - Electrelane
11/Muscle Car -Tiga
12/Against the grain - Uncle feat Gavin Clark
13/Swimming Horses - Siouxsie and the Banshess
14/Help me girl - Eric Burdon
15/Psychedelic Siren - The Daybreakers
16/Bandages - Hot Hot Heat
17/The pace or the patience - Love of Diagrams


1 h & 15 mins of Ladydust's set at La Halle Freyssinet in Paris, France as the official guest of Denim Circus Exhibition.


1Aneugalam by KZA

2Five Dolls for an august moon by Callibro 35

3Stop, look & listen by Patsy Cline

4Nobody but me (Pilooski edit) by The Human Beinz

5Season of the witch by Al Cooper & Mike Bloomfield

6Echo Beach by Martha & the Muffins

7Surfing by Ernest Rangling

8After midnight by Eric Clapton

9Catch the wind by Donovan

10Black Cream by Harold Wheeler

11Funky Dollar Bill by Funkadelic

12Long train running by Doobie brothers

13Pinocchio Theory by Bootsy Collins

14What am I going to do by The Dovers

15The black Widow by Link Wray

16Take heed & smoke up your Collyweed by African Head Charge

17Love at psychedelic velocity by The Human Expression

18Si tu reviens chez moi by Les 5 Gentlemen

19Caravan by Puccio Roelens

20I'll feel a whole lot better by The byrds

21Say goodbye by Khan

22Shelter me by Joe Cocker


Ladydust's closing act to Nadine Shah. She was invited in terms of the celebration of the the 7 years of Control club, in Control festival, Bucharest)

1Hollow men by Gravehurst
2Visionary Road Maps by Stereolab
3People have the power by Patti Smith
4All sparks by Editors
5Fugiive dawn by Plastique Noir
6Face to face by Siouxsie and the Banshees
7House of the rising sun by The walkabouts
8Cornflake girl by Tori Amos
9Arms Length by Zaza
10Crystal Visions by The big Pink
11Blank Girl by Dum Dum Girls
12Let England Shake by P J Harvey
13Body Memory by Τhalia Zedek
1422 by Magneta Lane
15Running up that hill by Kate Bush w/ David Gilmour
16Comfortably Numb by Scissor Sisters
17African Reggae by Nina Hagen

half an hour of the closing act of Ladydust for Dan Stuart of Green on Red.

1Gold Dreaming by The Delines
2Truth by Chris Cacavas
3Lucifer Sam by True West covering Pink Floyd
4That's what dreams were made for by Green on Red
5No shine for the shoes by Plasticland
6Still get by by The long Ryders
7Halloween by The Dream Syndicate


Ladydust's opening & closing act to Mecano, at Booze Cooperativa.

1Halleluwah by Can
2The man machine by Kraftwerk
3Take my head by Archive
4Red Bats with teeth by Αngelo Badalαmenti
5See Emily play by Pink Floyd
6Outside by David Bowie
7Signify by Porcupine Tree
8Black Cat by Ladytron
9Do you love me by My ruin
10Lucretia by Sisters of Mercy
11Dark Entries by Bauhaus
12Perpetuum Mobile by Einsturzende Neubauten
13Driver Down by Trent Reznor
14Turqoise days by Echo and the bunnymen
15Shine On by House of Love
16Fade to grey by Visage

45 mins of Ladydust's closing act to the Pierced Arrows

1I had too much to dream last night by The electric Prunes
2Cold outside by Ricochets
3Birth, school, work, death by Godfathers
4Action by The devil dogs
5Walking in my grave by Dead Moon
6Do not enter by DMZ
7Tears Inside out by The miracle workers
8Walk around them by The love me nots
9Misty Mountain hop by Led Zeppelin
10I ain't no miracle worker by The Brogues
11You're gonna miss me by Nomads
12Black carnations by Les black carnations
13Baby bitch by Jack of heart


Ladydust's closing act to Phil Shoenfelt. Around 2 hours of her set.

1Theme from Black Milk by Gallon Drunk
2House of silk, house of gold by Case studies
3Algiers by The afghan Whigs
4Love is a shield by Camouflage
5French rock n' roll by Black Box Recorder
6Iri Sulu by Black Heart Procession
7Heaven's Light by Air
8Never by Τhe House of Love
9Last outpost by Seafood
10Dead Souls by Joy Division
11Were we once lovers? by Tindersticks
12Despair by The essence
13We are never talking by Rocky Erickson
141777 by Russian Circles
15Unbalanced pieces by Soulsavers
16Sensitive by The Field Mice
17Dream Attack by New Order
18Rise by The lemming ways
19The ballad of Lucy Jordan by Marianne Faithful
20Blood Shack by Helldorado
21Tom the model by Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man
22Under the milky way by Church


Ladydust's opening act to Craig Walker along the 'I saw 43 sunsets'.

1Do the joy by Air
2Unsettle my heart by The Boat People
3One fine day by Alastair Binks
4Pepper by Alpha
5Monster by The automatic
6Tristeza by Balabaristas
7Maybe you're gone by Binocular
8Fear of flying by Bowery Electric
9Nearly home by Broken Records
10On and On by Fossil Collective
11Bianca by Kent
121000 years old by Ganga
13Wish by Kosheen
14Let the sunshine in by The Caesars Palace
15Freaking out by Graham Coxon
16I won't stop loving you by A certain ratio
17Beautiful by Moby
18Getaway by The Music
19Everest by Public Service Broadcasting
20Change by Lightening seeds
21The sound and the fury by The Lovetones
22Stray cat strut by Stray Cats
23You're so good by Chelou
24Tribulations by LCD Sound System
252000 light years from home by Sky cries Mary


Ladydust's opening & closing act, at the gig of Steve Wynn. (1 hour & a half)

1Nod to N20 by Rainer Ptacek
2Orange Moon by Eleventh Day Dream
3Black Night by Green on Red
4Everything by Τhe Essence
5On paper by Three O clock
6Comfort by Labradford
7Bathysphere by Smog
8Of the first water by Sons of Selina
9Kelso Run by Scenic
10The medicine show by The dream syndicate
11Looking for Lewis & Clark by The Long Ryders
12Her man leaves town by Rebecca Pidgeon
13Ballad of Hollis Brown by Bob Dylan
14Talking in my sleep by Rain Parade
15Song for the dreamers by Danny & Dusty
16La Passionaria by Dan Stuart
17No easy way down by Clay Allison
18She's a diamond by Opal
19Free of Hope by Vic Chestnut
20Protest song by The Astronauts

1/Aqua by Saturnia
2/Wandering Eyes by The growlers
3/Dear Temptest, Tossed Dear Weakened by Get Well Soon
4/The Offer by Cruel Black Dove
5/Controlling crowds by Archive
6/Stuck in the sound by Zapruder
7/Wet Highway by Growsound
8/I knew my name by Psychic Ills
9Toadi Acceleratio by Melvins & Lustmord
10/Tangerine by White Tree
11/New special squad by Guido & Maurizio
12/Outside by The Black Ryder
13/Ghost of love by David Lynche
14/Truly majestic by Urbs
15/There's no blood in bone by Mono in vcf
16/Just like a mexican lover by Jefree Lee Pierce
17/Criminal Theme by Les Maledictus Sound
18/Something wicked this way comes by Barry Adamson
19/Bring it to me by Gemma Ray


Ladydust's closing act at the gig of the Get Well Soon. (2 & a half hours)

1One bedroom appartment by Clann zu
2Damn love song by Amy Lavere
3The fall of math by 65 days of static
4Untitled with drums by Shipping news
5Ships in the rain by Lantern on the Lake
6Patterns by Villeneuve
7Aqua by Saturnia
8From dust to beyond by God is an astronaut
9Brother of sleep by Soap and skin
10I'm Tempel by Inner Space
11We have met before by The Gutter Twins
12Choices by Former Ghosts
13Coast Reprise by The war on drugs
14Ghost of love by David Lynch
15Invocation in the Caldera by Souvenir's Young America
16Bullets by Αrchive
17A Final Hit by Leftfield
18You me & Me you by Einsturzende Neubauten
19Start all over again by Experimental aircraft
20Heel on a shovel by 16 Horse Power
21Catcher in the rye by The Cabins
22Turnstile blues by Autolux
23An american dream by Love and Rockets
24Drone Refusenik by The December Sound
25Primitive Painters by Felt
26Cry by The love me nots
27Living with ghosts by Smoke fairies
28Post mortem, post boredom by Darkel, my love
29Call the captain by Moccasin
30Sandpaper kisses by Martina Topley Bird
31Tangerine by Whitetree
32Gentlemen by Afghan Wigs
33Dead love by Papercuts

Ladydust's opening act for Tricky, 23/01/2011

1I am Tempel by Inner Space
2Wet Highway by Growsound
3Soft the Hard Way by Death to Frank Ziyanak
4Delirium Tremolo by Who made who
5Kobwebz by Gonjasufi
6Killing Time by Moon Duo
7Sunday by Metaform
8Mulberg by Shogun Kunitoki
9Crash Pad Driver by Poni Hoax
10Let it go by Autodrone
11Asteroid Exile by Screen Vinyl Image
12Something wicked this way comes by Barry Adamson
13The step and the walk by The Duke Spirit
14The lions and the cucumber by Jacki Brown
15Infection by Soft Tags
163 Birds by The Dead Weather
17Dies Ivae Psychedelico by Εnnio Morricone
18Ageena by Jacob
19County Farm by Troublemakers
20Highway of endless dreams by M83
21New special squad by Guido & Maurizio
22Running from the cops by Phantogram
23Intο the groovey by Ciccone Youth
24Toadi Acceleratio by Melvins & Lustmord
25Truly Majestic by Urbs
26Lightstrands by Ready Made
27Sooner or Later by Zaza
28Life Wire by Beast ella beast
29Balo de Morti by Brassica
30Love Career by New Wet Kojak
311000 tears of tarantula by Denque Fever
32Ricochet by Blue Foundation
33Growing old is getting old by Silver Sun Pick ups
34Loved by the Sun by The Daysleepers
35Lamundernodisguise by School of seven bells
36Now Woel by Chap
37Suivers down my spine by King Khan & the Shrines
38Girls by Death in Vegas
39Shepherd's Song by Lady & Bird
40Criminal Theme by Les Maledictus Sound
41Ore d'amore by Fred Bongusto

a part of Ladydust mix as the opening act before Montero at the gig of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

1The Heavy Knife by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
2What's a man's Paris by Darker my love
3 Dark Twin Baby Woodrose
4Time if Life by Dubsex
5Master of the universe by Hawkind
6Grip by Zzz
7Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin
8Rebel with a clause by Atomic Rooster
9Fragrant Nimbus by The skull Defects
10Fireworks by The Morning After girls
11Jhonny Cash by Sons and daughters
121000 tears of tarantula by Denque Fever
13Diabolica by Messer Chups

 taste of the an hour of Ladydust performance at the Kristal Stage of Timeshift festival. (July 21st 2017).

1Chaos by ARCHIVE
2Enemy of the enemy by ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION
5Radioactivity by KRAFTWERK
6Scala by AGORIA
8The devil In us by BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB
9Indigo (Passiva remix) by FERRY CORSTEN
10La Race by PAULOR
11You will be under my wheels by PRODIGY
121000 years old by GANGA
13Ηλιθια αστεια by STEREO NOVA
14Sunshine by JOHN TALABOT (on DELOREAN)
15Pomp & Circumstance by SIR EDWARD ELGAR


a 45 mix of Ladydust's set at Azor.  (16/02/18)

1Children of satan by Ciccone youth
2When I'm in awe by The Gaslamp killer feat Gonjasufi
3Calcuta by The names
4So light was her footfall by Air
5Dhol Rinse by Asian Dub Foundation
6Fading by Baxter
7Montage by Massive Attack
8All I want is to forget by Ganga
9Glitch by Logistics
10Gordon's gin by The human league
11La femme by Naked lunch
12DDFH by Run the jewels
13Unfolding by Former ghosts
14Goodbye little boy by The triffids
15Vortex by John Carpenter

invited at music society radio, at the broadcast 'Unbalanced Pieces'.

1.Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
2.Sparklehorse - Piano Fire
3.Screaming Trees - Shadow Of The Season
4.Ramones - Sustitute
5.The Walkmen - The Rat
6.Japandroids - True Love and a Free Life of Free Will
7.Franka Potente - Running Two
8.Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train
9.Faith No More - Superhero
10.Kyuss - Gardenia
11.Foo Fighters feat.Brian May - Have a Cigar
12.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Bring it On
13.David Bowie - Velvet Goldmine
14.Tricky - Hell Is Around The Corner
15.Omegaray - Ξενιστής
16.Atomic Rooster - Sleeping For Years
17.Bob Dylan - Tell Me Momma
18.Aphrodite's Child - Aegean Sea
19.Zounds -Can't Cheat Karma
20.The Dears - Whites Only Party
21.The Last Drive - Have Mercy

around one hour from Ladydust's set @ Mikro. (17/06/2017)

1Patterns by Mondkopf
2Uncle feat Ian Brown by Fear
3Little People by Mathew Dear
41000 years old by Ganga
5Stylo by Gorlillaz
6Mi mujer by Nicolas Jaar
7Aeroplane Dub by Aeroplane
8Warning Shots by Thievery Corporation
9When I'm small by Phantogram
10Madame by Βabah
11The softest hard by Easter
12Open eye signal by Jon Hopkins
13Tonite by Superpitcher
14Florence by Andy Cato

Ladydust's interview at Human Stories.

invited at avopolis radio on 4/01/2017

1/WYMOND MILES: Stand before me
2/HATY HATY : Nazare
3/TELEFON TEL AVIV: You are the worst thing in the world
4/OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ: Savage letters
5/COUSTEAUX: Innermost Light
6/THE HORRORS: Scarlet Fields
7/IGGY POP: China Girl
8/WAX TAILOR: For the worst
9/VAGINA LIPS: Never Die
10/TIMOTHY J FAIRPLAY: Pyramid of night
11/EXPLODING VIEW: Lost Illusions
12/SUNDAY MAN: Jupiter
13/ SIVERT HOYEM: Sleepwalking man

Some soul, funk & electro grooves spinned by Ladydust in terms of her guest appearance on the dexx of Drunk Sinatra. (This is actually the first 1 hour & a half of it:).

1Nothing to talk about by China woman
2Jubilee (don't let nobody turn u around) by Bobby Womack
3Jumping Jack Flash by Ananda Shankar
4Rude boy rock by Lionrock
5Upside Down by Diana Ross
6Gangster Boogie by Chicago gangsters
7The lions and the cucumber by Jackie Brown OST
8Daddy Cool by Boney M
9Mondo 77 by Mondo
10Muscle Car by Tiga
11Slave by The Temptations
12Papa was a rolling stone by Sly & the Family Stone
13Initiation by Orbital
14Busy earning by Jungle
15Panther Dash by The Go! Team
16Gift by Curve
17Kit and Holly by Echo Boy
18Bentley's gonna sort you out by Bentley rhythm ace
19Let forever be by The Chemical Brothers_


A mixtape in electronic,indie shoegaze,post paths.
A heart in flames.
Prepared for NY label:Kyoob tv,& kyoob radio.
You can also find it here:>

1Pills by Death by Kite
2Sooner or later by Zaza
3Patterns by Villeneuve
4I sold my hands for food so feed me by Get Well Soon
5I live on the moon by Kwoon
6The rose with a broken neck by Dangermouse
7Lay quite a while by Time won't help
8Sleeper by Malory
9Inn of the seventh ray by Eleanor Friedberger
10Just for a day by Tm Juke
11A different life by Sennen
12Dreams by Former Ghosts
13Don't leave me this way by Black grass
14Truly majestic by Urbs


a part of Ladydust's playlist on let me know festival. (

1Black Cat by Ladytron
2Uncle Bob by L7
3Violet by Hole
4Lunatic by Comanechi
5A place called home by PJ Harvey
6Here is where the story ends by The Sundays
7Feed the tree by Belly
8Numb by Holly Mc Narland
9Focus by She Keeps Bees
10Bright Yellow gun by Throwing Muses
11Living with ghosts by The Smoke Fairies
12Crimson & Clover by Janis Joplin
13Woman by Neneh Cherry
14Drink the Elixir by Salad
15Seether by Veruca Salt
16Manifest Destiny by Zola Jesus
17Thanatos by Soap and skin
18Siouxsie and the Banshees by Cities in Dust


Ladydust mixtape for amped magazine,uk


The mixtape was for

1Run The Jewels by ElP & Killer Mike
2The Rise And Fall And Decline Of Everything by Six By Seven
3Somebody' sins by Tricky
4Tired lion by Arvid Noe
5Excessive moonlight by Indian Jewellery
6Tenfold by Thundercat
7Loftmane (donky pitch) by The Range
8Open up (that's enough) by The Dead Weather
9Loose Sutres by Fuzz
10Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age

interview at 96,2 radio Crete in terms of the tour, August 2013


Ladydust compilation, given as a promo in terms of her guest at 'La Halle Freyssinet', Paris, on May 22 & 23 2013. (
Includes tracks of 7 greek bands of the alternative scene with whom she's had appearances,in the past. Those bands are the following ones:

The Velvoids :

The Wise Lines::

A Victim of Society:

Dead Buildings :

The Social End Products:

The Dark Rags:

The Bad Mathematics:

1’You're Gonna Hate Me’-A Victim Of Society

2’Take Aim’-The Wise Lines

3'Walt Str.Blitzkrieg’-The Velvoids

4’Knife’-The dead buildings

5'Gotta feed my head’-The Social End Products

6’Just Another Day’-The Dark Rags

7’Sacrifice’-The Bad Mathematics


Ladydust interview on mojo radio, patra



invited as a guest to Hrakleio city in terms of launching the new web radio :'bur radio';)
interviewed there too.


Planet Ladydust radio broadcast,as 'guest' for Rodon Fm

1/Some misunderstanding/SOULSAVERS
2/Science killer/THE BLACK ANGELS
3/Do you remember/ THE HORRORS
4/Drink the elixir/SALAD
5/Good lies/NOTWIST
6/Between the lines/THE LION THIEF
7/The Call/ZAZA
8/Life after fire/MINTZKOV
9/Beside the sun/ISM
11/Highway of endless dreams/M83
15/Comfy in nautica/PANDA BEAR

2/Primitive painters/FELT
3/Toadi acceleratio/MELVINS & LUSTMORD
4/Reach vs Speed/THE SPINANES
6/Feed the tree/BELLY
7/Countdown to zero/DROOGS
8/So let me go far/DODGY
9/Kept low/MERCY ARMS
10/Recovery position/PIANO MAGIC
11/Had to let you know/NICE FACE
13/Prophecy/REMY ZERO
14/Set me free/THE KINKS
15/The past is a grotesque animal/OF MONTREAL


a part of Ladydust set at agios swstis beach, Mykonos where invited as the guest star in 'blue moon and the tribe' fest, an amazing super crowded one that happens traditionally every year under the last full moon of the august....:)

1/I feel love (Danny Hοwels mix) - Donna Summer
2/ Busy Child - Crystal Method
3/ The number song - DJ Shadow
4/Buffallo stance- Neneh Cherry
5/ The golden path - Chemical Brothers
6/ Right place, wrong time - Dr John
7/ Wait a minite - Barbara Stephens
8/ Under Heavy Manners - Prince Far 1
9/ Walk of Life - Dire Straits
10/ Yοu make me feel (mighty real) - Sylvester
11/ Discoteq (extended mix) - Mambo brothers
12/ Order of Death ( Ninth waves baal remix) - Public Image Ltd


miga' festival, along bands like the liarbirds, the voyage limpid sound and massroon. organised by ladydust. visual material: 
around 45 mins of her set after the gigs.και-ladydust-στην-μύγα/

1/ One to another - THE CHARLATANS
3/ Spawl 2 (mountains beyond maountains) - AFCADE FIRE
4/ Dog Rοses - THE DUKE SPIRIT
6/ Candlelight - SIX BY SEVEN
7/ Electronic Rennaissance - BELLE & SEBASTIAN
8/ Electricity - OMD
9/ Christian girls - HEFNER
10/ The tide is high - THE PARAGONS
11/ You made my dreams come true - HOLY SHIT


a part of the after - exhibition of the Cheap Art Athens dj set of Ladydust at suzie q athens, at the day of N. Giavropoulos.

1/ Delicious Light- Beyond the wizard's sleeve 2/ It's all over but the shouting - Millie Jackson 3/ Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one want to die - The Cult of Free Love 4/ The dream machine- Sukia (Norris Stretch mix) 5/ Encoded Flow - Dabrye feat Kadence 6/ Cars - Gary Numan 7/ The architect - Jane Weaver 8/ Better than me - Blood Orange 9/ Big spliff - Black uhuru 10/ Twin Hype Back - Run the Jewels ft P.Paul 11/ Bug Powder Dust - Bomb the Bass featuring Justin Warfield 12/ 28th Place - Consolidated 13/ The rough and the quick/ Red Snapper 14/ Everything (deadless) - J W Ridley 15/ Five Man Army Dub - Lewis Bones Lock 16/ Cocoon (Rosetta Stone Mix) - Switchblade Symphony 17/ Right Place, Wrong time - Dr John 18/ Symmetric - Fran Navaez 19/ Can't leave the night - BAD BAD NOT GOOD 20/ Firestick - Rico Rodriguez




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